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Dancing Studio




St Catherine’s Convent is proud of its facilities and offers the learner many opportunities to learn in a comfortable and soothing, yet modern environment.

Fully Equipped

The majority of our classes are fully equipped with all the audio-visual requirements necessary for facilitating learning, such as either Data Projectors, White Boards, televisions and DVD players.


Learners each have their own desk and locker as we strive to create a home away from home environment for all our learners.

Computers & Science Laboratory

We also have a state of the art Auditorium for functions. This use of technology may also be found in our fully equipped Computer Room and Physical Science Laboratory.


In order to create a well-rounded learner, St Catherine’s Convent also has a purpose-built dancing studio, where learners may receive lessons in Modern, Tap and Hip-Hop Dancing.

Physical Health

Our sporting facilities include a large swimming pool, tennis courts and sports’ field.

Sound & Stage

For the more culturally inclined learner, we have a well-equipped hall with modern sound and lighting equipment that will enhance any dramatic performance.

The History of St Catherine’s Convent

Over the years St Catherine’s Convent has catered to a wide multitude of learners from varying backgrounds and economic status. St Catherine’s Convent continues to grow and embrace the challenges that a changing country and changing society present to us.

The first Dominican school was established in South Africa in 1867 by the Dominican Sisters; a group of Cabra nuns.  The aim behind the establishment of these Dominican schools was to share their love of truth and learning with children from all backgrounds and abilities.

In 1956 there was a growing demand for quality Catholic education within the West Rand.  St Catherine’s Convent, whose patron saint is St Catherine of Sienna, was founded in 1957 by the Order of the Dominican Sisters, who have a tradition of over 700 years commitment to education. The school first opened to one hundred and eighty girls and boys from grade one to grade four.  A year later, the school had grown to 254 learners and continued to grow in the years following its inception.

In 1962, St Catherine’s Convent had its first Grade 12 class. As the demand for places at the school grew so a separate school was established for the boys.

In 1972, the first pre-school class was established and in 1978 St Catherine’s Convent was one of the first private schools in South Africa to open as a multi-racial school, despite threats of closure from the government of the time.


At St Catherine’s Convent the practice of faith and a Catholic Ethos underscore all that we do.  Our vision and mission for the school are based on Gospel values.  We acknowledge that some of our learners come from backgrounds where different faiths may be practiced and we encourage the acceptance and tolerance of all religion.

St Catherine’s Convent is a school community where our learners are made to feel that they belong and that they make an important contribution to each other’s well being and that of their wider community.  Our learners are encouraged to achieve and fulfill their own unique levels of excellence in all the areas of the school’s curriculum and extra-mural offerings.  We encourage our learners to adopt an outlook on life that reflects the importance of Christian values.

All St Catherine’s Convent learners attend religious education lessons and these form an important part of the academic curriculum.  The programme that is followed is outlined by the Johannesburg Catholic Schools’ Office and this programme assists the learners to identify the spiritual side of their lives and provides instruction on how to grow spiritually.  Through religious education, our learners become aware of, not only their own religion, but to identify the impact that they have on the lives of others.  This outlook and aim is evident in the choice of the school song, which asks “Did I fill the world with love my whole life through?”

Our learners from different religious background attend the masses and are welcomed and included in the church services.  At St Catherine’s Convent we endeavour to involve our learners in the practice of religion and learners across different grades take turns to prepare readings, bidding prayers and offertory processions for the monthly masses and feast day celebrations.

In the primary school our Catholic learners are prepared for their sacraments that are celebrated either in our school chapel or at our neighbouring parish of St John the Apostle.  In accordance with the Bishop’s office, the high school learners participate in the parish’s Confirmation programme.

St Catherine’s Convent has both a chapel and a grotto on the premises.  The Chapel is used for smaller masses and for religious instruction.  The Grotto was built in 1958 by the Knights of Da Gama to commemorate a miracle that occurred at Lourdes when a young man from the community, who was bedridden, was healed and walked again.

St Catherine’s Convent has enhanced the core values of Catholicism, within our community, as we are deeply committed to the creation of a well-rounded and moral learner.

The Catholic Schools’ Council

St Catherine’s Convent is a member of the Catholic Schools’ Council, which provides a platform for the sharing of common interests, a platform to grow professionally and assistance in achieving our vision for the school.  For more information about the Catholic Schools’ Council, please visit the following website address .

School Song

Did I fill the world with love my whole life through?

In the morning of my life I shall look to the sunrise.
At a moment in my life when the world is new.
And the blessing I shall ask is that God will grant me,
To be brave and strong and true,
And to fill the world with love my whole life through.


And to fill the world with love
And to fill the world with love
And to fill the world with love my whole life through
In the noontime of my life I shall look to the sunshine,
At a moment in my life when the sky is blue.
And the blessing I shall ask shall remain unchanging.
To be brave and strong and true,
And to fill the world with love my whole life through


In the evening of my life I shall look to the sunset,
At a moment in my life when the night is due.
And the question I shall ask only God can answer.
Was I brave and strong and true?
Did I fill the world with love my whole life through?


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